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Micromax Flasher and flashfiles

we are working to build an as more complete section for the Micromax brand and the twin companies like Qmobile and Nexian but to reach this target is essential your contribution in creating a good database of solution and files.
This thread meant to be a collection of flashing software and flashfiles and is open to any user who wants add here the links he thinks may be helpfull to the other users.
Thanks in advance for your collaboration and

Flasing hints:

A101 : Plug in data cable-3 while pressing the volume + key in the phone

A110 : Plug in data cable-3, For IMEI , tool version is 6.1204 maui meta only

A115 : MTK tools, B type USB cable,X11i flashing cable can be used for Flashing, No download shortcut key,Direct plug cable for Flashing & IMEI.

A116 : Data cable-3 for Flashing & IMEI,MTK tools,No download shortcut key,direct plug cable for SW or IMEI.

A25 : B Type Micro USB (SPAMOB3592) , no shortcut key, insert cable directly for software download.

A35/A27 : Run driver file 'DPInst.exe', Normal USB data cable-3 for flashing, Select Pac file,press play/start on tool, press Volume down key on phone(with battery>50%),Connect the cable,installation of drivers takes place automatically. Then software auto start,

A45 : Flashing Cable-7 , SPAMOB1951

A50 : Data Cable-3,Volume down key

A52 Flashing cable X11i cable.

A54 : Software update with Memory card, copy zip software file in card(4GB), insert in phone,Press & Vol Up key+Power ON, apply update from SD card, update start. - IMEI tool is same like A57.


A57,A87: Copy and paste SW folder in memory card, extract or wo extract, Volume UP key + Power ON to start download.

A62/A26 : Use cable SPAMOB5762(short external wires) for Flashing,first insert cable then battery and B-type Normal Micro USB(SPAMOB3592) cable for IMEI.For IMEI : Open IMEI tool, Switch On phone and connect withn B type USB cable(SPAMOB3592), press 'Mode Sel' and 'Normal Mode', write 15 digit IMEI and press 'Write' on tool, will shows green success, means done.

A65 : Flashing With Data cable-3,Press Side Volume Down key before insert cable.

A65 : imei with SPAMOB5761

A72 : Use MTK super phone Flash tool 3.1244 for flashing, B type normal USB(SPAMOB3592), SN writer for IMEI.

A73 : Both keys home and back, before insert cable,

A78 : Volume UP key, before insert cable.

A80 Flashing : X11i cable, direct software, without pressing any key

A84 Flashing : Copy SW in blank memory card, insert in phone, switch on with pressing Volume UP + Down keys together, SW starts automatically.

A84: Copy and paste SW folder in memory card,extracted SW files, VolumeUP+Down+ Power ON key to start download.

A88 : Data cable-3 for Flashing & IMEI,MTK tools,No download shortcut key,direct plug cable for SW or IMEI.

A89: B type USB cable (SPAMOB3592), No shortcut key for download.

A90S,A90 : X11i cable

C190 : Data Cable-2

For IMEI : Open IMEI tool, connect phone with USB & switch ON, check 'DIAG'COM PORT in device manager,Select COM in tool,Write IMEI on tool, press write,IMEI will successfully written.

GC200 Flashing : cable is common with GC257 SPAMOB3554(cdma) - SPAMOB3555(Gsm)

GC222/GC333 : Use Data cable-3 for flashing, press '1' no. key before insert cable for flashing.MTK Flash tool 5.1236

P350 :Press Vol+ and on/off switch inset the data cable hold the Vol+ & through On/off switch give the puls

P360 : Funbook talk series,Flashing With B type & Data cable-3 both,Select img file in tool,press start,Continues press & hold - 'Home' key on tab and connect cable,drivers automatic install,then press Yes-Yes and
software will start,Battery should be >50% always.Note : Ignore 'Device not found' error in tool,never press OK.

P550 : B type cable for Flashing, Open tool, select key & image file, press start on tool, press & hold Vol UP key & insert cable, then toggle Power ON key 4-5 times, Software update will automatically start. - After finish software, press all 3 side keys together and switch ON, it will reset the tab. - Now normal switch on the tab.

P560 : Flashing thru SD card, Take 4 GB formatted SD card,Format internal storage of Tab too, now copy and paste zip file. Press & hold Power+Volume down key,once tab starts vibrate,release Power key only and hold volume down same, Recovery mode will open on screen. 3rd option,Update from SD card,select file and start update.After success,restart tab.For IMEI : Use A57,A87,A56 same 'Repair 3G tool' with normal data cable.

P600 : Update with normal USB data cable-3, update procedure PDF & IMEI writing doc is available on FTP. - After update software, Press RESET button for 5 Second, then switch ON the tab,will take 3-4 minuts to boot first time. - Later on, normal use it.

Q23 : Select .hqs file in place of scatter in multiport MTK flash tool, Press LSK(left soft key) before connect to Data cable-3 for flashing.

Q34 :X11i Flashing cable ,Call key need to press

Q36 : Use Data cable-2 for Flashing & IMEI, Press & hold 'Space' key before insert cable for flashing or IMEI.

Q55 Version 13 is available on FTP with name New BT090910

Q76 : MTK flash tool, With Data cable-3 or B type cable, Center key is download key before connect cable for flashing.

Q85: Data Cable-3,RSK need to press.

X099 : Data cable-3 for flashing, MTK Flash tool 5.1136 or latest, Press '2nd calling key' before insert cable for download.

X101,X103 : Flashing with Data cable-2(LSK), IMEI with IMEI CABLE-SPAMOB5760, write IMEI in tool, press write, insert cable in phone w/o battery, then at last insert battery in phone.Sample passed

X102/X274/X490 : Flashing Cable -4 : SPAMOB0587

X1i reloaded : Data cable-3,press calling/green key before download.

X1i Xtra : X11i cable for Flashing, IMEI with X290 IMEI cable.

X210+ : Flashing with Data cable-2, shortcut key for COM PORT making is Calling(green) key.

X210+ Flashing : Calling key + Normal USB cable

X223 Flashing : X11i cable, Green key for downloading

X231 no key need to press, with x11i cable.

X234 :X11i Flashing cable, * (Star)key need to press

X234+ : Use X11i cable for Flashing, Press '1' key before insert cable for flashing or IMEI write.

X234C : 'Music' key need to press before connect to DATA CABLE-3 or X11i Flashing cable for Flashing.

X246 : cable is common with X11i and X550.( Need to press 0 to start, hold and press * key while sw update)

X256,X257 : X11i flashing cable, press calling key

X259 : X11i Flashing cable ,Green/calling key need to press.

X268 : Flash with X11i cable, # key need to press before connecting cable.

X269: Select cfg file in place of scatter,X11i flashing cable with Key press LSK

X271: Press Green/calling key before insert download cable.

X274 : Flashing cable-4,SPAMOB0587,same of Q5fb

X275 : LSK Key, X11i Flashing cable

X275 : normal USB, data cable-3,LSK need to press

X276 Flashing : Data cable 3 with 1 key press.

X277 : Flashing cable of X11i, LSK need to press for flashing.

X278 : Data Cable-3, Press '1' key before connect cable for Downloading to make USB COM PORT.

X279SW(Joint Black+white),A73IMEI(no joint),X455IMEI(NO JOINT),X292SW(Black+white),X324(SW Bl+Wh joint): MSTAR cable(SPAMOB5762)

X283 press 0 no. key before connect X11i flashing cable for maui meta or flashtool.(select USB in comport)

X288 : Flashing cable-6, SPAMOB1192

X291 : cable is common with X11i and X550.( Need to press * to start, hold and press * key while sw update)

X292 : X11i cable, no need to press any key while connect with tool

X293 : Falshing with Data cable--3, No need to press any key for flashing,MTK Flshtool 5.1220.

X293: Falshing with Data cable--3 or X11i flashing cable, No need to press any key for flashing,MTK Flshtool 5.1120,Select cfg file in place of scat file.

X294 Flashing : With X11i cable, LSK key need to press while flashing.

X312 Flashing : X11i flashing cable , 0 key need to press

X322 : (MT6250 chipset) Data cable-3 for flashing, Press Square key below LSK(left soft key) before insert cable for flashing, Maui meta tool for IMEI writing.

X325,X295,X286 : .cfg file in place of scatter file,LSK download key,with X11i cable & data cable-3 both.

X327 : Data cable-3 or B type cable for flashing, MTK Flash tool 5.1136 or latest, Press '2nd calling key' before insert cable for download.

X331 : X11i Flashing cable, Press Calling key for downloading.

X331i(6250A) : Select .cfg file not Scat.LSK KEY need to press before insert Data cable-3.

X335 : Data cable-3, with Calling key

X340 : Normal USB data cable-3 or B type cable.No shortcut download key, Press download and insert cable.

X350 : SPAMOB5762,For SW (Bl+white),

X368 press 1 or green key before connect to flash tool or maui meta,Flashing Cable-X265

X396 : MTK Flash tool, No need to press any download key, with Data cable-3 or B type cable.

X44 Flashing :X11i Flashing cable ,RSK need to press(data cable-3 with 0 key)

X445 Flashing : X11i Flashing cable with center key pressing.

X446,X456 :With data cable-3 select .cfg file not scat file

X45 Flashing : X11i Flashing cable,no key need to press

X450 : SPAMOB6114-Flashing cable-X450, otherwise disconnect Vcc line from SPAMOB1800 cable and use as alternative flashing cable.

X455(White+Black)SW joint),X1iXtra,: Cable name-Flashing cable-X455 Spreadtrum (SPAMOB5761)sample passed

X456 : No need to press any key for flashing, with Data cable-3 And X11i Flashing cable(B type cable)

X50 : Data cable-3, LSK Key

X640 : SW with volume Upkey and normal USB

X660 volume down key press before insert data cable-3 for sw( Flahing cable-5: SPAMOB1800 can also be used)

X78 : Data cable -3, green key pressing for software update.

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x291 flashfile .

x333 flash file .

q2 .

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x205 flashfile .

Q1 flashfile .

Micromax Q50 Download

x290 flashfile

x285 flasdhfile .

x266 flashfile

Micromax A27

x450 flashfile

Micromax GC256

Micromax Q5 FB

Micromax X265

Micromax X330

Micromax X560

Micromax X222

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Firmwares, flasher and tools

Micromax X269

Firmwares and tools

Micromax X259

Micromax A70

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Micromax X262

Micromax X660

Micromax X650

Micromax X640

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Micromax X800

Micromax X271

Micromax X500

Micromax X505

Micromax X510

Micromax X511

Micromax X550

Micromax A89 Ninja

Packaged Included:


Download Tool


a51 .

Micromax X456


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